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Active holiday

Husitské muzeum

Táborsko on wheels

The surroundings of Tábor are intersected by bicycle paths for both small and large riders. In our hotel you can also rent bicycles and other necessary equipment.


Táborsko on the river

The Lužnice attracts its calm flow and rapids below Tabor. If it appeals to you, we'll be happy to arrange everything you need for a one-day cruise.

Táborsko koňmo

Táborsko on horseback

Explore the surroundings of Tábor in the horse saddle can be a lifetime experience. 

Golf u Tábora

Golf Devil's Load

For active moments of relaxation, the modern golf course with excellent facilities is within easy reach. 

Golf u Tábora

Golf Bechyně

The oldest nine-hole golf course in the middle of Černické disciplines attracts players with their location and modern facilities.  

Město Tábor

Other sports tips

Other tips for sports activities can be found on the Tábor website.